[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-08-02 at 1311.13 -0400):
> Ick, Helvetica?  [isn't that a microsoft font?]

No, it is the original Adobe name, IIRC. Arial is the MS name for sans

> Why not use a serif font?  Just plain Times New
> Roman would work, or better yet don't specify a

IMHO Times New Roman, a MS font, sucks so much that I started to hate
serif fonts. On the other hand, I discovered TeX Computer Modern font
family, and find that my problem was not with serif fonts but with MS
one. TeX roman font has something different that showed me that (I
like it).

> font at all and count on the user's taste for a
> default font.  I often exit a site without even
> reading anything if the font is too small. (for
> instance, I don't shop at CDW at all).

We all should mail the webmaster of such sites that we would like to
read but can not, maybe that way they will pay attention to visitors &
content and not only coolness.


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