On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, James Smaby wrote:

> >I noticed that your entire post is right justified...
> One of my oddities.  Makes writing emails a little
> more difficult (especially when writing with cat).
> I believe double spaces are correct for ending the
> sentences in fixed width fonts.  One of these days
> I'm going to write a long email without the letter
> `e' in it...

Earlier this year my centuries old XT keyboard lost the use of the letter
'n'.  Fortunately, I had enough advance warning that I was able to change
all my passwords to exclude the letter. For several days, I had to bring
up an 'n' containing email address from my address book, to be able to cut
and paste the letter into my emails - (using pine). 

You do not have an appreciation for how often a letter is used until you 
have to type ctrl-u everytime it occurs in a word.

Finding a keyboard for a 1985 ibm XT was not the easiest thing in the
world. :)

Kate      http://www.katewerk.com

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