Thanks muchly for the verbose explanation and tutoring!  I'll let you
know if I run into any problems, but I've got to give it a go myself. 
Thanks again.  Too cool.

ciaran o riordan wrote:
> Gifs have binary transparency - a pixel is either 100% transparent or not at all.
> PNGs have 8bit transparency - 256 degrees of transparency
> To make transparency available to an image:
> <right-click>->Layers->Add Alpha Channel
> //if the option is greyed out, it's probably available already
> To paint transparent use the eraser tool and turn the "Hard Edge" option on.
> To make selections transparent: in the properties dialog:turn off the "Antialiasing" 
>option for the tool your using then delete the selected area in any normal way
> if you're paranoid you could save your image as a gif and then open the gif and save 
>that as a png...if you're paranoid
> If you're trying to enforce binary transparency on an existing image: mail me an 
>example of what you're trying - or If the above doesn't solve your problem...
> sometimes it's nice to overkill...
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