The right ways are, IMO, relative size (any browser) or CSS (latest
browsers). But hey, it is like the same discussion about gamma I have
with some guys ("your image is dark" "no, your monitor is crap and
your room is wrongly illuminated" "ok, you win, I live in a cave and
the monitor company is in backruptcy due poor products"), or the
problems Marc mentioned (last time I found one, the guy corrected it,
but that is cos we know each other ;] ).

[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-08-03 at 0346.46 +0200):
> > We all should mail the webmaster of such sites that we would like to
> > read but can not, maybe that way they will pay attention to visitors &
> > content and not only coolness.
> an alternative is to install those special fonts designed by some netscape

Already using fonts bigger than what I should. Look at the posted
PNGs, the menus are big, but text is not.

> victim (big,large-fonts?) and to chop off image-loading in the preferences.

I avoid images too, as much as I can (that means abandoning sites most
of times).

It seems that the new trend is to do small fonts; and force images and
javascript on you if you want to read anything (sometimes the images
are the text). One example of this trend can be "read" in the link
about AquaOS gem effect that was added to

BTW, if anyone finds the tutorial, please tell me, cos I get lost with
popups, colourful images and small text before I found anything. Or
maybe I will live with the GUG one.


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