> i think this discussion will never find to an end, cause unfortunatly
> there is no perfect solution for each browser and by far not for each
> user.
> but i would be glad if anybody on this list could enlighten me and give
> me a way to create text content wich shows up the same size in all
> browsers.
Use style sheets/tags. Specify font sizes in points. Provide text-only
pages with the same content where applicable.

> i'm not a person demanding "standards", but i think in this case i would
> love it.
The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from
;). As with all other internet standards, MS will come up with its own
derivation (which is *almost* compatible). This will happen (has already
happened?) with style sheets, no doubt.

My favourite browser is lynx, btw. Except for the gimp pages, of course...

-- Victor

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