dave wrote:
> I've been using gimp for a short while now, and the one problem that
> keeps
> coming up is when I convert an RGB image to indexed, to save as a gif
> with a transparent background.
> I (think I) understand the issues with converting RGB colour to
> indexed, but what I don't understand is that I always seem to lose
> quality too (I guess that's somehow also a colour problem?)
> Even if I do nice simple fonts, in black, on a transparent background,
> I lose quality of the fonts on converting to indexed. I either lose
> nice smooth edges, or pixels within narrow parts of small fonts, or
> both.
> Why is this, and is there anything I can do about it? I need to do a
> lot of simple colour fonts with transparent backgrounds, so this is a
> real problem for me.
I have the same problem so what I do is "Layers->Flatten Image" and then
select the background color with "Select->By Color" with fuzziness 0 and
remove it. 

I don't know if its a good solution, but for me it works.


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