i have made an image.Quie a good one considering i am only now using art 
programs. anyways i have made it for a mutiplayer game called Xshipwars. i 
wanted the ship so i had to make it. anyways. i have made the pic and the 
only problem is that it needs to be a 24bit tga file format. I do not know 
how to make it 24bit and there is no option that i can find to make it 
24bit. how do i make it 24bit? ps the game is at 
http://xsw.termianor.net/bridge/   it is the best game ever. i need the pic 
24 bit tga file format so that learfox who i mail the image to can do 
whatever she does with the images. but she needs it to be 24bit tga file 
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