many of you will not like to read this, as it is a set of newbie questions
of the most repelling sort.

some will hope to read the answers later...

1.  what is an alpha [channel]?
2.  what's the difference between layers, channels and paths?
3.  is there a reasonable functional complement regarding vectors?
    reasonable is available on freebsd or some other unix, and functional
                complement means:  if i want to specify objects and motion using
                vectors, can i make and render pretty surfaces in a jiffy with the
                gimp?  or have it cooperate in 2d?

(4. how do i make use of histograms?
 5. is there anything one can /not/ do with adequately defined brushes?
    i'd like a broad, but memorable overview over defining and using brushes)

thanks in advance, and i really mean it.


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