No, that was not what I meant.  Mandrake RPMs are about all compiled with the
same settings, use a standard way to update menus for GNOME or KDE and store
files like manpages in the same location (/usr/share/man/*).  So, if you're
using a Mandrake distribution, it is best to stay with Mandrake RPMs to make
sure that the package you are using is really optimized in compilation and
normal use on Mandrake.

Alan Buxey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 07.08.2000 12:48:20

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Thema:    Re: Antwort: Re: GIMP v1.1.24 RPM Take 2


> mdk rpms are specialized RPMs that conform to the Mandrake RPM conventions.

'specialised' and 'conventions' spell proprietary in my book.

whats wrong with the 'open' RPM standard embraced by the tools already on
most Linux, Solaris, Un8X systems?

best avoid those 'special blands' and keep with the pure. otherwise your
only answer is get the tar.gz and then ./configure and make ...and pray


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