> No, that was not what I meant.  Mandrake RPMs are about all compiled with the
> same settings, use a standard way to update menus for GNOME or KDE and store
> files like manpages in the same location (/usr/share/man/*).  So, if you're
> using a Mandrake distribution, it is best to stay with Mandrake RPMs to make
> sure that the package you are using is really optimized in compilation and
> normal use on Mandrake.

..if you want the bells and whistles (ie nice correlation between menus
and icons), sure. if you want revisions that work, then maybe best to move
to standard RPMs  :-)

anyway, i think I've already covered the PERL problem by mentioning 5.6.0
(not sure what RPM flavours that comes in though....I just get the .tar.gz
and compile is from source (far less hassle since I have to place such
things on solaris, Unix, Linux, etc) - AND i get to easily choose where
they install on the system ;-) )


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