You could also try installing from source, I have attempted to knock together
some instructions and you will find a link to them at

Sorry I cannot point directly as the site is being re-mapped.

I don't think gimp will configure with perl 5.6 as the config files point
directly to site_perl-005 and don't appear to allow for later editions, I could
be very wrong on this point though. Any one know for sure? Anyone know which
config files other than in the perl subdirectory need to be hand edited (I
found one but it still requests for another somewhere else)

The web pages have also tried to take into account last weeks mails about both
cubic design and rendering of PNG transparencies for anyone who is interested.
Please bear in mind that I am by no means an artist or gimp expert in any way.

Hope its of help,

 On Mon, 07 Aug 2000, clemensF wrote:
> > Andrew J Fortune:
> > Following up on a previous posting, I am still trying to install GIMP
> > approach of installing an RPM.
> > 
> > gimp-1.1.24-2.i686.rpm), I got the following errors :
> > "error: failed dependencies:
> > follows (rpm -Uvh gtk-1.2.8-24.i386.rpm), but got a long string of errors
> > (rpm -Uvh perl-5.005_03-172.i386.rpm), and got errors like the following :
> > dependency errors when installing GIMP ?
> you lucky devil you!  rpm is soooooo smart!!!  think of all the errors
> you might have done right!  no wait!  all the right things errornouous....
> > Thanks in advance,
> yeah me too!
> clemens

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