I poked around the FAQs and docs but couldn't find an answer to this...

I'm using an NCD 88k x-server running gimp 1.0.4 from a RedHat 6.1
box.  The gimp seems to work fine except for the text tool.  When I
attempt to use the text tool, a message box pops up with this
message: "Note: No fonts found.  Text tool not available."  I haven't had
font problems before with this machine (running netscape, graphical emacs,
xfontsel, etc...).  When I run gimp while sitting in front of the RedHat
box, everything works correctly, which verifies that the problem has to do
with the NCD.

Can anyone suggest how to go about fixing this problem?  It seems to me
that gimp should use fonts in the same way as netscape or xterm, which
would suggest that either gimp should work or everything should not
work... :)


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