> Alexander Skwar:

> No, what I was thinking of, was it would be nice to be able to install a
> file in %{_mandir}, and that %{_mandir} would be expanded when the file is
> installed.  Currently %{_mandir} may expand to /usr/man or /usr/share/man,
> depending on the distribution and version/release of RPM installed.  Now, if
> %{_mandir} wouldn't expand at build time to, say, /usr/share/man,
> distributions where man's are still installed in the FHS violating location
> of /usr/man would still be fine.
> Did this make any sense to you?

it most definitely did, and this behaviour was what i fancied to call a
combination of postinstall-scripts and automake.  your proposed macro-
name %{_mandir} would be the convenient interface.  how else but with
some sort of automake functionality could it be possible to have packages
built on different hosts to be installed on a host which has already
installed packages with different directory-structures.

we can't even blame anybody, as we might want to install to a variety of
ever-changing places matching the sites evolution.  softlinks don't
solve every problem.


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