Thanks again, James.

I did this, but it got in a big knot. Probably something to do with the fact
that I had already attempted to install GTK v1.2.8....

So I rebuilt the developers' version of Mandrake Linux (yet again!!). One of
the first things that I did after that was to remove GTK using the command
'rpm -ev --nodeps gtk+'. I did likewise with glib. This was to, in theory at
least, remove the old mdk version as you suggested.

Then I installed the 1.8 versions of GTK and glib (e.g. for GTK, I said
'rpm - ivh gtk+-1.2.8-1.i386.rpm').

I then went thru' the hoops of untarring and then attempting to configure as
before, but this error message still came up.

(I was in a sub-directory of /root when I did all of this)

Do you know what I can do from here ? (....please don't say 'give up' :)).


P.S. what is this 'gtk_config' file for anyway ?

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> Well, you're original gtk was the mdk version, right?  If this
> is the case, then your `upgrade' using the redhat binary didnt
> uninstall the mandrake version first.  I suggest doing this by
> hand, then installing the redhat rpm.  I thought both of these
> distributions put gtk in /usr, but you may want to see if your
> newer gtk-config script is in '/usr/local/bin'  If this is the
> case, then you can probably just delete the old file, and hope
> things get found okay (that's how my system is set up, with an
> old version in /usr/lib, but I don't like it that way).

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