Hi Andrew,

Whilst in the act of checking whether the packages have updated correctly, try these 

gtkmm-config --version   (I have 1.2.0) - GTK C++ extensions
glib-config --version    (I have 1.2.8)

I'm surprised your having so much difficulty, I personally never bother with RPM's 
instead I use
the sources.  Like you I have little experience, but usually if you have a good base 
system it
works nicely.  Usually its a case of './configure', 'make', 'make install' and then 
(libs only).

I know how you feel, I tried the LinuxFromScratch-HOWTO, and failed.  My base system 
isn't new
enough to compile all the things I need, so I've tried to update the compiler and so 
on.  It ain't
easy, and you soon get lost when things don't work.  Rather similar to your 

I'm listening.

Jonathan Paton

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