Ward Fleming wrote:
> Hi all--
> has anyone been able to convince the GIMP to print to odd-sized (custom
> user-sized) paper?  We have an Epson Stylus Color 3000 (with a 12" print
> bed) which we'd like to convince to print 12 by 54 inch images.  Problem
> is, the existing print plug-in only lists standard paper sizes.  Anyone
> know how to convince it to print to other paper sizes?

I've printed to 14" (length), as well as wide envelopes on my Epson 440,
but what I did was create a separate printers in my /etc/printcap that
had the page sizes defined this way.  I then just select to print to
that printer.

> Our thanks in advance,
>     --Ward Fleming and George Homsy

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