There are several ways to do what you want...
You can create a layer over your image, set the layer on top's Mode to
and fill that top layer completely with Red.   This will give you an image
that's palette
goes from black-to-red-to-white...
Or, instead of the Multiply mode, try Overlay (which gives a better effect).

However, if you want to make your image so it's palette is
pure red to white, then try this method:

1) Copy your greyscale image (Ctrl+C or Edit->Copy)
2) Go to the Channels tab in the Layers dialog.
3) Create a new channel (with default values).
4) Select this channel (and make sure the Red,Green,Blue are unselected).
5) Paste your image into the channel (Ctrl+V or Edit->Paste)
6) Right click on the channel we created and choose Alpha to Selection
7) Go back to the Layers tab
7) Make two layers (the top layer will be transparent, and the bottom will
be pure White)
   Also make your image's layer invisble
8) Select the top layer
10) Choose red from the palette, and apply a bucket fill to the selection.
      (If it doesn't look right, invert the selection by pressing Ctrl+I or

That's it...rathert hen your image now being black to white in palette, it
will be red
to white in palette.

Hope this helps...if it doesn't, then maybe I'll write up a tutorial for my
site. =)

Gautam N. Lad

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Subject: grays & black -> color

> Hello,
> I am trying to find out how to convert gray colors including black into
> for example red color but have no success. I know I can select with
> fuzzy selection tool but the problem is, I have a black shape and gray
> areas that are used as antialising, so I want to convert it all like it
> does Hue/Saturation but, Hue/Saturation does not works on Black and Gray
> colors, why is this?
> Thanks in advance
> Nikolai

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