> Hi,
> I have written just another Script-Fu tutorial, its a short tutorial
> for the people, which are already familar with the Scheme language. It
> gives step by step instructions on how to write an example Script-Fu,
> avoid pitfalls and debug Script-Fu.  The tutorial isn't completly
> finished yet, but it should provide enough info's for a start.
> The tutorial is available at:
>  * http://pingus.seul.org/~grumbel/gimp/script-fu/script-fu-tut.html
> Comments are welcome.


Nice and interesting tutorial...but I have some questions...

1. Would it be ok if this was maybe translated into Swedish some day and
mirrored at a gimp-page? Maybe GUG will want it too.

2. How widely-used should script-fu still be? I recall hearing a
discussion that SF would (should?) die in favour of perl-fu and c-plugins?
It'd be great fun to know how to code my own plugin in C...but already
knowing some SF, should this knowledge be considered old and obsolete?

Also, could someone please sum up to me what the problems where when
AFAIK, a lot of SF-plugins stopped working in some development version of


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