Hm...it seems that some people are against my idea, while others
seem supportive...

The idea that you'd be looking at these tutorials at your workplace
and your boss catching is total bullsh*t to me...Why would you be
at this site in the first place? Shouldn't you be doing your job (unless
it's dealing with gfx)? And these are pictures you'd most likely find
on the streets or in a grocery store....would people talk behind your
back if you're looking at these pictures?  Totally redicilious...
Maybe I can understand if someone is talking behind your back by
looking at you looking at the pictures, but then what business do they
have to be 'spying' on you to begin with (something much worse then
looking at a woman a bikini)?

I tried carefully to pick the proper pictures for my tutorials...and I will
always favour such models over some old man or something (unless
it's REALLY REALLY REALLY the perfect picture for my tutorial).
I see no reason why I should choose pictures, that 'everyone' else would..

Not all my tutorials will use these models (only those in the Photographic
Effects section probablly), but if I feel a model in a binki is right, 
compared to a wrinkled rat, then I will choose the model (and why in 
the hell would anyone want to touch-up an old man's skin?)...

Another point,  the picture I used for the smoothing wasn't touched up...
it had artifacts due to quality of picture, and that it was a JPEG
(take a good look if you want)...

If you like what you see, and like what you learn, then I am glad I've
helped someone get more comfortable with GIMP, otherwise, well...too bad...


Gautam N. Lad

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