Well there are several ways to I could've done this...only reason I chose
the alpha mask layer, was so I could introduce this feature...

Because of the mask, only the parts visible were blurred, and these would
include the light spots (mainly the skin tones)... Also, it is so that the
background or surrounds wouldn't be blurred...

One could've easily just drew a selection around the skin, and then applied
a filter to that..

Either way, my reason for the mask was to only blur the skin (mainly the
highlights which make the artificats more visible)...


Gautam N. Lad

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> > This new tutorial teaches how to apply a photographic quality
> > smoothing to a person's body.
> >
> > All comments welcome...
> First of all the tutorial result is nice. I don't quite get the sense of
> creating a layer mask and then appliyng the filter on the whole image.
> Maybe the procedure is not that well explained. I'd use the mask generated
> using the threshold filter as a quickmask and then change it to selection
> and then apply the selective gaussian filter. Otherwise the whole process
> creating the mask is kinda redundant. Or am I missing something?
> Jakub Steiner
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