> I'm confident that nobody in my office would mistake those tutorials for
> pornography.  Folks in my office also know its rude to snoop over each
> others shoulders trying to spy whats on screen.  

sorry, but where I (and many others are in this situation too) work, we
are covered heavily by sexual rules and laws. Having a picture of a
topless woman on my monitor..even for a tutorial..is enough for a 
discipline tribunal , possibly even a sackable offense. 

> No matter where you're at in the world you're entitled to your opinion

yeah, right...sorry, but European laws and campaigns by women equality
groups mean we no longer have those freedoms. oh, I remember when the
mechanical workshops were wall to wall with page-3 cutouts and Perrelli
Calenders. no porn, just glamour photography. no longer allowed.

alan, obressed in the UK

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