> You can view this stuff at home... hmm... Are you a true computer geek if
> you don't do stuff at home? Are there not other Gimp tutorial sites? Just a
> few questions...

who has to be a true computer geek? do people not use the Gimp for what it
is/does rather than what computer or OS they use? Hell, I must be, like,
100% geekish because I run the Gimp on a PowerPC linux system on my Amiga
A1200 with PPC board and BVision 24bit gfx expansion. I dont care, I use
the Gimp as a tool to do a job...it even almost beats the AmigaOS gfx
programs out there ;-) 

also, some people like to only power-browse at work..fast, free
connection.  others might not even have internet at home


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