> > You can view this stuff at home... hmm... Are you a true computer geek if
> > you don't do stuff at home? Are there not other Gimp tutorial sites? Just a
> > few questions...
> who has to be a true computer geek? do people not use the Gimp for what it
> is/does rather than what computer or OS they use? Hell, I must be, like,
> 100% geekish because I run the Gimp on a PowerPC linux system on my Amiga
> A1200 with PPC board and BVision 24bit gfx expansion. I dont care, I use
> the Gimp as a tool to do a job...it even almost beats the AmigaOS gfx
> programs out there ;-) 

Offtopic: Are there any gfx programs left on the amiga which still being
I hope Photogenics(http://www.paulnolan.com) will work well with linux. The
drawing modes are very  nice. The alpha preview for linux from paul nolan felt
great, and was quite a bit faster on my PC than on my A1200/040/603/bvision. Of
course. Arteffect is nothing compared to the  GIMP. Artstudio is, well, ancient.
Something I'd really like to see for the GIMP is a plugin like "Eye Candy" for
Photoshop or "Candy Factory" for Amiga. Ok, you can do all of the stuff with
GIMP too, but it doesn't have the nice GUI where everything is in one 
place. :-)

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