At 15:38 18/08/00 +0200, Mat Colton wrote:

>Is there a link page somewhere where all GIMP tutorial are listed? is
>really not up to date.

I haven't come across one yet, all I can do is give you some tutorial URL's 
I collected,
here goes:

That's all, sad eh?
Maybe other people on the list know of  more sites.
If we can come up with a nice list, maybe I could put that up on my webspace,
it's empty now, and it would be nice if I could flex my HTML/GFX muscles a 
bit. :-)

>(Please don't take this too serious)
>Oh, BTW, I am american. :-)

hahaha, lol, the day they started broadcasting the Jerry Springer show in The
Netherlands, was the day I stopped taking Americans serious <grin>.



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