Hello all--
I am a fairly long term, but still mostly not-very-good, GIMP user.  I
received a roll of pictures back that are dreadful.  I cannot imagine
what happened--you know how these whiz-bang cameras do everything for
you--but most of the pictures look like this:
I have placed an xcf version (whopper!) of this charming boy out
there--and I would be eager to see how to improve it.  I have struggled
with it, playing with a number of settings, but cannot really improve
it.  The boy has rather pale skin, the tiles should be white.  If anyone
wanted to work on it and send me a description of the steps they took,
I'd be more than happy to post them and let people evaluate different
methods of repair.  The tutorials I've read are useful, but this picture
has so many things wrong that I just don't know what to do in what
order.  Any takers?
Jim Clark

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