[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-08-18 at 1227.23 -0500):
> Oops--noticed I did not include the URL of the xcf:
> it's http://www.bsmanagement.com/llywelyn/images/cyrus/cyrus.xcf
> Thanks!
> Jim Clark

Two things, the first link was wrong, I got something with cyrus.jpg
but not with your link. And the second is that never ever use xcf! You
should use xcf.bz2 or xcf.gz, at least for web. And for HD too, IMO,
cos saves space and only adds a bit (maybe too much for some people?)
to load / save times. As the compression is loseless and cmd line
reversible, I do not see other problem to avoid it.

Could you repost both links after testing?

BTW, using JPG as intermediate format is bad. If you are scanning at
home, use another format, if scanning in a bureau, ask for another
format. IMO PNG is OK for all these jobs.


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