> Offtopic: Are there any gfx programs left on the amiga which still being
> developed? 

yes, PG, IFX, AE and a few more.

> I hope Photogenics(http://www.paulnolan.com) will work well with linux. The

It look like it will...whether it can compete with the free Gimp is
another matter...it was the subject of an interview earlier this year.
(in AmigActive magazine I believe)

> Something I'd really like to see for the GIMP is a plugin like "Eye Candy" for
> Photoshop or "Candy Factory" for Amiga. Ok, you can do all of the stuff with
> GIMP too, but it doesn't have the nice GUI where everything is in one 
> place. :-)

not just Candy Factory...but also Wildfire, thats got some great stuff in

strange, you didnt mention ImageFX anywhere. surely one of the best
programs for gfx on the Amiga currently


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