This will give you a reasonable touch up, but by no means is it a great
touch up.

First step is to head over to Grokking the Gimp site and read up on the
curves dialog box, theres a tutorial there that will teach you how to remove
the colour cast.

For the second step i duplicated the layer, set it to overlay (i dont really
understand what this does, but it seemed to work in this case), then merged
these two layers and pumped up the saturation.

Last step was to soften the image. To do this I duplicated the image and
then gausian blurred it with a setting of 25 and set layer mode to burn.

Sample image of the final image can be found..

There are numerous things you can do to fine tune this. For example reducing
the opacity level on the blurred layer will bring back some of the detail in
the hair), just play around with different techniques you know off to see
what you can get.


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> OK--
> I put a jpg photo for a quick view and a now-compressed version of the
> photo I wonder if anyone wants to take a look at and play with at (how's
> that for a long-winded description?):
> And if you want me to eprform any particular steps in any order, I'll do
> my best to oblige.
> --
> Thanks!
> Jim Clark

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