On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, George Crary wrote:
> Michael Schemer II wrote:
> >As far as the new tutorial is concerned, ...
> >However, it seems to me that the swimsuit now
> >looks faked as a result. Is there any way to fix
> >that so that the swimsuit looks as good as the
> >skin and does not look like an afterthought?
>       Remove it, ... ?        8-)
I have been following the discussion about the tutorial and porn.

Most of time surrounded by females in bikini or top-less and men in
"tangas" here in Tenerife (Canary Islands) I have not objetions to
the pictures in the tutorial.

I think that people which had problems with the picture of the tutorial
would have much more problems here.

Personally, like a beginner of Gimp I found the tutorial very 
usefull. I did not pay attention to the content of the picture
until the discussion started.

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