[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-08-22 at 1118.24 +0530):
>  The image saved is of 18 MB ???? ? the same if I save it as gif it comes
>  to about 8 Kb 

GIF compresses, but I dunno about EPS, I think not, or not as good as
other formats.

>  I have not worked with eps formats but I am sure 18 MB is not normal even
>  for eps

It is. You are moving a raster format to a vector format. The result
is one of the least efficient you will see in life. Maybe is something
about the DPI. What DPI are you using?

>  My second problem is in color seperation all the other colors get
>  seperated in to their respective cmyk format except for black which shows
>  in all the four modes as otherwise it should only appear in the K(cmyK)
>  mode

IIRC there is no gray reduction or whatever the name in English. The
right should be to pass all black to K channel or ask about how much,
but there is not. Supposing EPS filter saves to CMYK, a thing I dunno.
>  I used Perl for scripting and gimp 1.1.4

Old Gimp, 1.1.25 is the latest.


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