It's a great nice plugin, but 1.9 won't work at all for me.

When I tried to shut off fadeout in the old version, this happened too,
but now it won't work at all.

I don't know, is my gimp (1.1.25) weird or what's wrong?

Anyway, the error I get is:

Script-Fu Error
ERROR: unbound variable (errobj gimp-image-disable-undo)

Could you fix it?


On Fri, 25 Aug 2000, Roland Berger (EED) wrote:

> First, let me say thanks to all people who gave me feedback
> and sent me bug reports the last days. This helps alot (and
> keeps me on working ;-)
> Now for the news:
> I've just released Script-Fu "Burn-In" V1.9 for Gimp 1.0.X.
> You can now use your own background-layer and create
> fascinating text animations for the web.
> Please note that this version is considered as pre2.0 and
> therefore still "beta". It works, but I didn't have the time
> to do extensive testing. :-/
> (Burn-In V1.0 was already announced by Xach some days
>  ago (thanks!)
> For download & demos please see
> http://fuchur.leute.server.de/burn_in/
> Roland

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