I have some problems with my Wacom Graphire tablet under Linux (XFree
3.3.6, Gimp 1.1.25)

For example Gimp starts only to draw a line if I issue a relative high
pressure, much higher than for example the pressure I have to issue in
Painter under Windows. Is there a way I can configure the pressure

A similar problem, but the other way around, is the Graphire Mouse, it
does even move the cursor if it is lifted up ~1cm above the table,
which makes the mouse nearly unusable, under Windows it stopps moveing
the cursor as soon as the mouse is lifed a milimeter. I also found no
way to configure the mouse speed.

The only thing I found out is that I can configure the mouse
acceleration with "xinput set-ptr-feedback", but I haven't found any
documentation about the parameter range, so I ended up in more or less
unsuccess full try&error.

BTW. What is the "set-integer-feedback" option for? I couldn't find
out how to use it or what it is supposed to do (the manpage is rather

Any help is appreciated.


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