On 29 August 2000 at 17:44, Timur Tabi wrote:

>Sorry if this is explained in the manual somewhere, but I couldn't find
>How do I resize a rectangular selection?  Every other graphics app I
>know lets me resize a selection simply by my moving the mouse over a
>corner or edge, holding down the mouse button, and moving that corner or
>edge.  But not GIMP.  It insists on moving the selection.  Can someone
>help me out?

At least you can save the selection to a channel and play with it there, just
like manipulating a normal image layer. Standard transformation tool in the
toolbox may do the job (scaling down or rotation, etc. will produce some
"white" are around the layer, may couse difficulty when getting rid of, if your
selection is very complicated). Or, you can create a 100% filled temporary
layer, and transform it then delete it. I believe there are many ways, probably
better, but i use these methods. I hope this will help.


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