[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-08-30 at 1158.04 -0700):
> Without rebooting?  Why would you ever have to reboot?  You can mount a
> drive without rebooting -- especially when that's a pcmcia card
> drive.  One of the beauties of Linux is never rebooting.  FYI, I haven't
> rebooted my laptop in 2 weeks and the last time I rebooted was because I
> forgot to put it to sleep so the battery ran out.

Oooh, when I mean reboot I mean "reboot to Windows, get the images,
reboot to Linux, use them". Like with WinModems and Internet (lucky
me, all my hardware work with Linux).

My Univ server rebooted after a nice over 115 day uptime due a serious
power outage that used all the UPS (I can not exactly determine, cos I
do not have an uptime daemon, and I do not check uptime everyday, so
is just "IIRC around 6 days it was 111, so it must be something more
than 115").

And I turn off my home computer cos the fans and the SCSI disks are
too noisy to sleep when less than 2 m away. So I know you do not have
to reboot a Unix (not only Linux) for most of things (hardware
faliure, kernel upgrade, hardware upgrade, power loss, OS change are
good reasons to... at least until PCs can hot swap all parts, not just
PCMCIA or similar).

Thanks for reminding me that. I believed I had to reboot every 2
hours or each program install (whichever occurs first). ;]


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