You will have to recompile the kernel. I don't know about 2.2.x kernels
but 2.4.0-testx kernels have a configuration option for advansys cards. If
you do a make menuconfig select SCSI Support-->SCSI generic support then
select SCSI low-level drivers  ---> the select Advansys card. Be sure to
deselect and default selections that are there which you don't need. Then
recompile and install your new kernel and reboot. On reboot you should see
the card detected. You should have connected you scanner before rebooting.

After that get and install sane from and follow
the installation instructions. Check to make sure that you scanner is


On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Kate McMillan wrote:

> Ok, we are idiots. 
> System is running SUSE 6.2, IDE based system. We need to install an
> Advansys SCSI card for a scanner. Where do we start to get Linux to see
> the card?
> (and neccessary steps to install card and scanner would be cool, too).
> Please cc my email address - this newserver takes ages to update postings.
> -- 
> Kate

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