Hi Rick

Try Image->Colors->Levels and play with the levels. Often just a click on the 
"auto"-button helps a lot already.
What you can try also is the entries in Image->Colors->Auto->.

Hope it helps
        Renzo Lauper

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000 13:43:35 -0700
Rick Rosinski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello, all.
> I am using Gimp 1.1.24, and I am working with photos.
> I have scanned lots of photos, all which are a bit too dark,
> using Sane 1.0.1 with Umax 1220S.  I want to change the gamma
> level the photos so it looks "normal", more like the prints which
> I scanned.  Can anybody help me here? 
> Thanks in advance.
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