Greetings, 'net,
I was hoping someone might suggest a way using scripting in GIMP to handle the following problem:
I have a text file with several thousand values in the following format:
Plane        Region        Greyscale Value
1                1                10
1                2                15
1                3                40
2                1                10
2                2                15
2                3                40
I need to make a chart displaying each Region as a small box (say 10x10 pixels) with a color of the given greyscale value.
Plane in this case refers to the vertical axis of the chart. So the chart would display several thousand little boxes,
where all the ones from Plane 1 are in one vertical line, Plane 2 the next 10 pixels over, etc.
Is there a way to take the values in the text file and convert them into appropriately positioned and colored
boxes on a picture, using GIMP?
I'm admittedly clueless to the world of scripting - I'm a cell biology graduate student, and the thousands of data
points actually refer to intensity values along different regions of images collected during high resolution microscopy runs.
The desired chart is a visual representation of the changes in intensity of different regions over time. So it's actually
a cool problem (really!) :)
If anyone could help or point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. Please reply by email as I don't regularly read this list.
Jason Ehrlich
Stanford University School of Medicine

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