Running two versions of gimp on one computer is easy.  Thanks for the

I ran gimp 1.0.4 on the old computer for a long time and it ran
beautifully.  When I upgraded to 1.1.24, I lost control of the hue and
saturation through Image>Colors>Hue-Saturation.

I got a different computer, I installed 1.1.25 on it and the hue
saturation sliders have no effect on the layer color with this guy

I wrote a letter to this list and searched the archives for the thread
of mail I remembered this trouble being discussed. I wasn't able to
locate it in the archives (I did find gtkxmhtml, though.  IMO this
shouldn't be so difficult to find, in case someone who is not so good
with computers wishes to install the gimp.  It would be this kind of
user who would be most interested in "Help"), so I opted to just start
over and to be more careful this time.

I ran "make uninstall" on Gimp 1.1.25.  I installed 1.0.4 and then
changed the binaries in /usr/local/bin/ from gimp and gimptool to gimpl
(for gimp `lite') and gimptool to gimpltool. Then I installed Gimp
1.1.25. Both of these installations were successful (I am one who has to
disable nls in order to do this).

Meanwhile, on the old computer, where I used to run gimp 1.0.4 with
working hue saturation control:  
I removed, by hand, gimp 1.1.24.  I reinstalled gimp 1.0.4. Guess what?
The hue and saturation is not working.

The last time I had it working, was with the gimp 1.0.4 that came with
my linux distribution TurboLinux Workstation 3.6. It is one of those
distributions that came without a gimptool.

I think that my problem is in the libraries?  The updated gtk is what is
different between the old 1.0.4 and the new one. 

Is there help?

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