Michael wrote:

> Hi!
> > I got two main subjects: First of all I shout out a big "Hello",
> Hello, too!
> > Now here's the problem: I want to create a six-corner-polygon. I
> > learned by doing, that I can create rectangles and circles using the

> > select-tool and filling it. (btw: how can I produce a non-filled-
> > rectangle??)
> Well, Gimp is not a vector oriented program. If you want to work with
> polygons in Gimp the GFig plugin (included in at least Gimp 1.1.x) is
> your friend. Another possibility are paths (Bezier). Have a look at
> http://gug.sunsite.dk for a neat path tutorial.

hi there
just wanted to add that "sketch" seems to me a very promissing vektor
oriented tool for linux. it could really do the job in future. so if you

have to combine pixel graphics with vector stuff - have a look.



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