On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Jon K Anderson wrote:

> when using scanned images the best quality result does not come from
> scanning the image in at the highest possible resolution.  Rather one
> should scan it only to the resolution that you really need.  Maybe next
> time.

i usually scan at twice the res i intend to use it...
> The gimp manual also mentions a poor man's way to calibrate your
> monitor.  It sounds like a good idea but I still don't understand where
> one can download famous logo colors from the web.  (Surely not from gif
> files.)  Maybe if someone out there has done this they can describe it
> more or provide some links.  Knowing that my monitor is not calibrated,


ive been using the calibration tiff that came with photoshop 3, printing
it out and then adjusting my monitor to match it everytime i did print
work. any pic with lots of colors (like a photograph) and blocks of solid
colors to work off will work.

> That is all I have for now.  Maybe I will have more when the CD's arrive
> in the mail.  I hope it helps somebody.

i learned some things from your post, so yes, it did help somebody.

> Jon

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