Hi all,
I've been exploring the more advanced aspects of Gimp (well more advanced than 
Paintbrush anyhow).

I think I've got the right end of the stick when it comes to channels as a method of 
storing selections for later use. However I've across a problem/feature I can't think 
of a way to work around.

1). Take a picture, select an area (such a sports car) and convert this to a channel - 
great works fine.
2). Deselect area (as if you're doing something else) and use channels to restore 
selection, cut and paste - I now have the selection as a floating selection.
3). Move/Rotate/Scale the selection to a different area of picture, I want to save 
this new selection/position to another channel so I can do work with it later - but I 
can't seem to do it.

Whilst the selection is floating the 'convert to channel' is greyed out, and as soon 
as I defloat to current or new layer I lose my selection.

Anyone have any workarounds??

Simon Wood
PS. If you believe what you see, my other three cars are also Porsches ;-)

PPS. Guilt has the better of me.... I really drive a Daewoo
Simon Wood

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