Hi Christian

If you want to convert all the white background, try the "by Color..." out of the 
select menu and use the bucket fill afterwards.

If you want to select a particular white area which is surrounded by your curves use 
the magic wand (is this the word in englisch?) ("Zauberstab"), the forth icon in the 
toolbox and click in the white area. This tool selects an area until it reaches a 
border with a "threshold"-difference to your starting point.
Think of it as a stone thrown into water, which produces waves. Those waves go on in 
all directions, until they reach something, that stops them - in your picture this 
border is a different color which differs threshold (Tool Options dialog) from the 
starting color (where you clicked.)

Hope it helps
        Renzo Lauper

On Wed, 06 Sep 2000 10:39:20 +0200
Christian Wenz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> i have a graph with some curves over a white backround and i like to
> transform some parts of the backround to an other colour. how can i do
> this with gimp ???

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