Hello everybody,

It is very stimulating to hear an alive list.

I use pngs not because of rendering concepts (I am not a graphics pro), but 
because I like to belong to a family that is eager to share.
The best things (graphically speaking) of the two pages I have worked on, 
were made firstly by hand (my six and a half years old son´s drawing in 
http://www.crosswinds.net/~ggce/index.html) and with MS powerpoint 

However important the rendering might be, one has to consider also the media 
in which the graphic work is being published.  I think that internet is a 
mixed media in that sense, and textuality is an important part of the whole 
value (no painter paints for the blind people, but blind people need to 
access pages with graphics too).

If we encompass all the points of view, we can still enjoy with both senses 
(rendering and textuality) funny stories like this one heard in a Houston, 
Texas airport bar:

"One mature lady fell in love with a youger guy with big muscles and a tatoo 
fan himself.  After some time of evergrowing romance, the lady decided to 
give her lover a very meaningful birthday present.  The day of the birthday, 
she went in a rush to a tatoo parlor (?) almost at closing time to get a low 
budgeted and sexy tatoo in both her buttocks.  Could she have some 
butterflies for 20 dls ?  No, said the man of the parlor, the butterflies 
would take more time than the time left before I close, and, much more 
money.  Ok, said the lady, would you be able to put a couple of bees, one in 
each buttock, it is a very special present, please.  Ok, said the man, that 
is just in time and budget.  The man made the tattoo, the lady went home and 
put her pants down and showing her buttocks to her boyfriend and touching 
the floor with her hands exclaimed Happy birthday !!.  The boyfriend yelled 
with anger:  Who the hell is BoB ?"

Maybe a brighter future is one with all the tools included (one day even the 
blind people will enjoy all your beautiful works), and lists as good as 
this.  Thanks to everybody.

Gerardo García C.
Tampico, Tamps. México

>From: Rebecca Jean Pedersen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>To: Alan Buxey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: Re: Bad rendering of PNG saved from GIMP
>Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 16:11:48 +0200
>ive read all the stuff on png support in web browsers.  it sucks. every
>single browser out there has some kind of error.  so basically, dont use
>ive read it and read it.

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