Anybody with Script-Fu experiences?

I would like to write a very small script (actually my first...), which would be able 
to do the following for me:
- Add a drop-shadow (script-fu-drop-shadow)
- Flatten the image (gimp-image-flatten)
- Save this "new" picture under the old name (gimp-file-save)

Here is my try:

------------------------ cut here ---------------------
(define (script-fu-wof-shadow image drawable)

(script-fu-drop-shadow image drawable "8" "8" "15" '(0 0 0) "80" TRUE)

(gimp-image-flatten image)


"Fuegt einem Bild einen Drop-Shadow hinzu, fuehrt Flatten Image aus und speichert das 
neue Bild."
"Renzo Lauper ([EMAIL PROTECTED])"
"Renzo Lauper"
SF-IMAGE "Image" 0
SF-DRAWABLE "Drawable" 0)
------------------------ cut here ---------------------

Thanks in advance
        Renzo Lauper

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