I never thought about posting this message here and if it's considered off
topic then apollogies....

We have a couple of HP printers here on the network as network printers, IE
they are stand alone. I can't for the life of me set up printing in Linux to
these printers. All the printtools that I've seen expect either a local
printer, a printer via samba (windows share) or novell netware printer. It's
been the achillies heel of my system since day 1.

any help would be greatly appreciated and perhaps reply via personal mail
(rather than the list) would be more appropriate.

Thanks in advance,


Alan Buxey wrote:

> use 'printtool' and configure your printer devices....perhaps make a new
> entry , lets say 'new' that is 8.5x11 , then you'd print to
> lpr -Pnew
> alan

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