> My question isa real newbie on.  I have the new Gimp v1.1.24 and was
> wondering how do you draw straight lines.  The normal Alt+click
> doesn't work.

Here you've got several possibilities:
1. select the pencil/brush tool and draw a point, then hold the shift
key and move the mouse to the second point...
2. goto <Image>-Layers,Channels,Paths-Layers,Channels,Paths..., select
the paths, create a new one and stroke it (circle button)...
3. select a one pixel wide rectangle of desired length on a transparent
layer and fill it with color, then rotate and transform the layer...
4. ...

> Also is there a cicle drawing tool in Gimp as I need to draw circles
> for a piece of art I'm doing.

Here, you've got again several possibilities:
1. select an ellipse (hold the shift key to select perfect circles),
fill with color, contract selection (<Image>-Selection-Shrink...), cut
the selection...
2. use the GFig plugin (should be included with recent 1.1.x)...
3. ...

Hope it helps!

CU, Michael

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