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From: Jim Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2000 12:47 PM
Subject: A little, teeny, tiny bullet

> Hi folks--
> I suspect my old 1.04 RH standard install may not be up for this, but I
> want to make a little tiny triangular bullet.  I've looked at a bunch of
> unsatisfactory clip art both on CD and on the web, but I would suspect
> this is something I can readily do, if I knew how.  Which I don't.  So,
> is there some easy way in GIMP (or somewhere else if that's a better
> solution) to tell it to make a little shiny bullet in selected colors?
> --
> Thanks!
> Jim Clark

Do you want a shiney bullet (like gun bullet) or a triangular typographical
Both should be trivial even in an old gimp but what are you trying to do?

For a triangular text bullet:

using a small brush, use shif+click to draw streight lines for the outline,
then fill it in. To make it square you may want to drag from one of the
rulers on the side of the window onto your image to make a guideline.
(pretend you are draging the ruler onto the image)

Resize to taste.

For a gun bullet:
select a rectangle, then shift+select with the elipse tool to make the tip
of the bullet. Then fill that in with the gradient tool using a metalic
gradient. After that, shade, etc. the image 'till you get what you want.


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