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Sent: Friday, September 15, 2000 12:50 PM
Subject: variety in letters

> Well, I made my own bullet, one pixel at a time, but it looks really
> good.  Now, here's another question.  I am putting black text on white,
> and using the same font at the same size I get 3 very different letter
> e's.  Take a look at :
> http://www.bsmanagement.com/llywelyn/images/e.gif
> Note how different each final e is.  Is there a reason for this?  This
> is at 8X display, but it is a little visible at 1X display too.  I'm
> only using 20 pt font.  However, reagardless, it does seem as if it
> should do the same thing every time.  Or does it?

That would be true except for the fact that the font is anti-aliased.
Basicly what gimp does (though it may actually do it slightly differently)
is draw a big copy of the font into memory, then scale it down smoothly and
draw that. Your font isn't monospaced so the e isn't an intigral number of
pixels from where that line of text started. That's why they look different.

(I think.)


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