I'm new to the Penguin, although not to UNIX, and am fascinated by The Gimp!

Downloaded "Grokking the Gimp", which seems worthwhile, and right away saw
two screenshots I've not seen before and don't know how to get at.  I'm
running Mandrake 7.1, which installed Gimp 1.0.4, and the Gimp site
identifies this as the latest stable release; except for development
releases, I'm up to date here.

The first screenshot is of the Tool Box, with 27 functions and two panels.
There is an item called Toolbox at the bottom of the Images(?) menu (didn't
write all this down and am now in windoze doing mail).  I click on it and
get nothing.  Is this what the author has invoked?  The sense I get from
what he says there is that this is what comes up when he starts The Gimp.
How do I get this to work, or do I have to go get it from a newer release?
Or do I have a glitch that needs fixing?

In the Layers window, there is a tab for Paths that mine does not have.  How
do I get at this?  I haven't seen any more differences yet, as I stopped
there to see if I could find out what is going on here.

I know better than to go plundering around the system gratuitously <grin>,
so if someone could tell me what might be going on and outline a procedure
here, I would be very grateful!

Thank you.

Bill Tallman

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