Is there any quick way in GIMP to swap
black and white colors in an imported 
color image?  

I have a .tif image (generated by another
program) which I want to send to my
printer.  The .tif image consists of a 
color graph superimposed on a black
background.  The black background covers
most of the image.  The graph is labeled
by white text which appears superimposed
on the black background.  The reason I 
want to swap black and white is that 
currently when I send this plot to my 
printer, a ton of ink gets used up in
printing the black background.  (I am
going to be generating a bunch of these
plots, so it would be nice to have a
way to swap black and white.)

In other words, what I want to do is 
pretty similar to the "Enable Reverse 
Video" feature in xterms, except here I
want to reverse-video an image instead 
of an xterm.

I bought the GIMP manual and spent a
while looking through it, but I cannot
figure out a way to solve this problem

I've checked the manual for the program
that generated the .tif file (metropro)
to see whether there is any way to 
reverse black and white when generating
the file in the first place, but no such

Thanks in advance.

- Len

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